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Other NewsMay 16, 2007 

National brands get exposure on SSA boats, in terminals

While the situation may change, for now the only advertising on Steamship Authority vessels and in terminals will be in the form of posters, primarily promoting national brands.

Presently, the televisions on the new fast ferry Iyanough run regional or local station programming when the boat is close to port. Its antennae is being upgraded so a signal is available en route during the entire trip between Hyannis and Nantucket. Except for ads that may appear on those stations, there is no current provision for TV monitor advertising for local businesses. Instead, the SSA is in the process of placing posters on its Nantucket and Vineyard vessels and in terminals that promote national brands such as BMW, Land Rover and The Wall Street Journal. SSA General Manager Wayne Lamson said the boatline was approached last fall by New York City-based Prestige Media regarding the poster concept as a means to generate revenue other than from ticket sales.

The SSA board approved a contract, and as of this month a limited number of posters will be going up. Only two posters are scheduled for the Iyanough. Lamson said local businesses are not prohibited from buying poster space, but would need to work through the New York company on particulars and pricing.

"We may look into [local ads on the TVs] in the future," he said.

The SSA contract with Prestige Media boosts the ad firm's number of ferry clients including the Hy-Line, which already has posters on its vessels,

said Lamson. I