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Company Profile

Prestige Media Inc. is a premier media company totally focused on Out-Of-Home media venues. PMI clients include some of the nation’s most established Nationally-Recognized Brands.

Importantly, PMI is the most experienced company in the U.S. specializing in providing programs for the ferry industry. PMI achieves outstanding market penetration for advertisers by providing unique media properties that reach affluent and upscale consumers.

PMI offers exclusive marketing and advertising programs with virtually all major ferryboat operators serving the East Coast. Given this experience we are well positioned to extend our services to additional West Coast operators.

PMI advertisers benefit by impacting hard-to-reach audiences in a number of major commuter markets as well as some of the most upscale resort communities in the United States. With its cofounders’ fifty (50) plus years of experience in out-of-home media and transit advertising PMI is uniquely qualified to assist advertisers in meeting their marketing goals and to maximize revenue for its partners.




A Unique & Compelling
Media Environment
Reaching affluent travelers and commuters