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On-board Marketing Program

Presige Media offers Advertisers unique media properties reaching the country’s most affluent consumers.

Exclusive marketing programs with virtually all major ferryboat operators serving East and West Coast resorts and commuter destinations. Delivering high impact messages against hard-to reach audiences.

Ferryboat passengers are a captive audience. The average ferryboat trip is 57 minutes –offering a long exposure time for maximum message retention. Ferryboats offer virtually the only regularly-scheduled means of transportation to many of these resort and commuter destinations


High Visibility Package

  • Advertisers receives two (2) poster display positions on each vessel.
  • There are a maximum of six (6) poster display positions per vessel.
  • Advertisers can obtain custom designed regional programs or receive national coverage.
  • National Network Program is 178 poster displays on 89 vessels.
  • Three-month minimum required.

Bar Wraps can be installed on bars on-board vessels and raising brand awareness


Product sampling, pouring rights and exclusive product distribution can be included as part of the overall program  

Boat Wraps

  • Cover the Waterfront with high-impact exterior boatwraps, partial boat wraps and banners.
  • Custom designed programs in key markets including Boston, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle.
  • Programs generate hundreds of thousands of new monthly impressions for increased brand awareness.
boat wrap

Combine on-board marketing programs with high visibility posters for synergy and maximum impact